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balcony repair contractorOwning a home in Queens with a beautifully decorated balcony is always a treat to enjoy the warm and sunny summers. When you take a sip from your hot coffee early morning, sinking into the view from your balcony, nothing can beat the feeling! However, ensuring a structurally sound and safe balcony is crucial to avoid unfortunate incidents. So proper maintenance by professional balcony repair contractors Queens is of immense importance.

A highly-trained and qualified professional will perform a thorough inspection of your balcony and examine the issues that require prompt solutions. Cracked concrete, loose or eroded bricks, missing caulking, corrosion in metal components, improper drainage, and water damage are major setbacks. These can lead to interruptions in the structural integrity of your balcony, and you are always at risk of missing out on the early sunrise!

For balcony repair Queens, you must choose a reputed and reliable service provider like Construction Repair NYC. We are a close-knitted team of adept professionals working towards making each building safe in the city. Our team offers comprehensive solutions to repair a broken concrete balcony or fix a leaky balcony. We help keep your balcony in good shape for years to come! The services at Construction Repair NYC are based on meticulous planning and thoughtful execution. To us, delivering premium quality services conforming to a client’s budget is a challenge we love to dive into!

Balcony Repair Service by Construction Repair NYC

As an outdoor living space, the balcony in an apartment or individual villa is always appealing for the seating arrangements offering a view of the beautiful landscape on any day. Ageing, environmental elements, and foot traffic can cause deterioration over time. So, cracks, chipping, stains, and leakage in balconies are common problems for residents in the City. Therefore, as a property owner, you must indulge in balcony repair Queens to ensure strong railings or guardrails and stable footings for safer and peaceful living.

Construction Repair NYC is one of the leading masonry contractors in Queens, with more than two decades of experience in the industry. We propose broad-spectrum services on diverse balcony maintenance requirements like fixing cracks and holes, repairing or replacing railings, resurfacing, and waterproofing concrete balconies. From ornamental repair of the cast iron railings to caulking, our crew has expertise in manoeuvring complex and intricate projects with ease.

As a licensed and insured balcony repair contractor, we enumerate the following steps while repairing your balcony:

  • The property inspector or engineer conducts a rigorous survey of your balcony from the interior and exterior as well. For high-rise buildings, we use a scaffold so that each corner of your balcony is accessible. We often use a mallet to examine the damaged areas and separate them from the ones structurally sound. Also, we look for significant water damage resulting from seepage, waterproofing failure, drainage problems, or improper sloping.
  • The balcony repair contractors Queens at Construction Repair NYC probe into the underlying conditions and based on the findings, conclude the ideal remedies. You may require minor or extensive repairs depending on the extent and severity of the damage. For extremely flawed balconies, we may often recommend a complete replacement of the structure.
  • Before beginning the repair process, we ensure that the damaged area is clean and there is no loose debris. So, our crew members scrub and sand the damaged surface to clear the site from chipping paint, loose mortar, and rust.
  • For minor cracks and caulking, we consider employing a patchwork by mixing self-bonding cement with water and applying it to the area. We let it cure for proper adhesion. Once it dries out, we put an anti-slip traffic-bearing coating on the curb surfaces and floors. If your balcony has improper sloping, the application of a fresh concrete mix does the job.
  • To waterproof a concrete balcony, the experts at Construction Repair NYC consider installing aluminium cladding on the curbs that prevents water infiltration and further damage. Waterproofing coats are applied on the interior and exterior surfaces for enhanced protection.
  • The metal components like railings and guardrails are sanded thoroughly with a wire brush to remove peeling paint and rust. Once the surface is cleaned we apply primer and layers of weather-proof paint. However, replacement is the only solution if the railings and guardrails are irreparable.

Why Should You Choose Construction Repair NYC?

Making repairs or renovations in your building counts big investment. You do not want to encounter poor services that lead to future problems. So hiring reputed and reliable professionals like Construction Repair NYC can save you from failed results and forlorn financial losses. To resurface a concrete balcony, we utilize our extensive years of experience and comprehension and employ the best craftsmen for impeccable long-lasting results.

You can always rely on us because:

  1. We possess immense professional experience and have accomplished numerous projects to date.
  2. We are licensed, insured, and fully bonded, ensuring premium quality services and optimal project site safety.
  3. You can schedule your project at your convenience.
  4. We have a loyal clientele committed to our services for years.
  5. Our customer service is highly responsive. We take action soon as you reach us.

So, are you ready to schedule your balcony repair project with us? Our experts will be happy to assist you anytime!

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