Custom stamped concrete is a specialized process that allows adding patterns, colors, and textures on a plain concrete slabs. This kind of designer concrete installation is mostly done for beautification of used concrete slabs, etc. This kind of special custom concrete stamp can be seen frequently in New York City area: well known concrete contractor Construction Repair NYC offers this creative concrete designing service with flawless accuracy.

Why Custom Concrete Stamps?

The exquisite beauty of Stamped Concrete NYC just cannot be overlooked.  These slabs are gorgeous, good looking but surprisingly they are climate proof and almost maintenance free. As a result, these special slabs are used ramps, stairs, parks, where the effect of natural stone can be replicated at a lower cost. The company, Construction Repair NYC has undertaken multiple projects for dealing with city beautification by Custom Stamped Concrete New York City services.

As one of the leading customs stamped concrete company in NY, Construction Repair NYC has developed special expertise on these designer projects that have added the label of expertise in their work profile as well as in serving clients demanding custom concrete stamp effect in their premise on used concrete slabs. Borders can be produced for plain, similar or for contrasting patterns. This special custom concrete stamp technique can also be added to stairs and ramps.

Why Construction Repair NYC?

There are different logical reasons behind the popularity of Construction Repair NYC as a custom concrete stamp service provider.

  • The company maintains it’s a highly efficient professional team, which can work extensively for decorating slabs and stone platforms.
  • The professional company provides a guarantee for their concrete artworks’ quality and longevity of the designs
  • Construction Repair NYC is also known as a seasoned contractor with Concrete Company Bronx NY profile,
  • The company uses best quality concrete materials for adding excellent designer effect on slabs, etc. that can withstand the hostile effect of climate,
  • The service provider offers a justified price quote that is 100% affordable.
  • The company is completely ensured, which is an added advantage for the clients hiring the service.

In order to add /boost property face, you can always try a few measures. Use of Custom stamped concrete is one of the sophisticated ways to add glamour to your patio/ rooftop etc. by special concrete treatment.


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