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Premium Stucco Repair and Replacement Services in Queens, NY

Stucco- Repair ContractorNew York City is flocked with exquisite architectural buildings featuring excellence in craftsmanship and design. For most home and commercial building exteriors, property owners choose stucco over other siding materials essentially because of its singular beauty and extensive durability. A mix of Portland cement, lime, sand, and water called stucco, when applied in three different layers, proposes a textured look alongside other significant benefits.

Though fire and water-resistant with a high degree of resilience, stucco is yet prone to damage with time. Chipping, cracks, bulging, and staining are the most prominent signs of damage that affect the aesthetic appeal and functionality of the material. However, reputed stucco repair contractors Queens like Construction Repair NYC can fix these issues effortlessly by implementing the best tools and techniques and men at work.

So, if you are looking for a licensed and creditable local company with adequate know-how about stucco services, we are here to aid you with experience, knowledge, and skills by delivering unsurpassed results. The highly professional crew at Construction Repair NYC offers stucco repairs Queens, installation, and inspection as we aim to preserve the magnificent architectural beauty of New York’s buildings. Thus when it comes to stucco installation for the first time or repairing and restoring the existing stucco cladding, always trust a reputed and well-qualified contractor to get the job done right the first time! You do not want to land up to a contractor unable to suggest you the right stucco finish!

The Fundamentals of Stucco Repair by Our Experts

The incredible cementitious siding material, stucco, offers a textured finish while adding character to a building. It can be smooth or coarse and plain or tinted. With excellent insulation and sound-proof properties, stucco makes a popular choice. Applied over metal mesh or wooden lath, however, stucco can deteriorate with age.

The professionals at Construction Repair NYC perform stucco inspection to determine the condition of your stucco and examine signs of damage. Cracks, spalling, and bulging are common and require immediate addressing to prevent extensive damage that can impact the structural integrity.

Stucco is generally of three types- traditional, modern, and exterior insulation and finishing system (EIFS). All of them provide distinct characteristics but none can withstand natural wear and tear. Also, stucco damage can be caused by:

  • Poor installation
  • Improper stucco mix
  • Water infiltration
  • House settlement
  • Wood rots
  • Metal corrosion
  • Weather changes

The stucco repair contractors Queens, Construction Repair NYC implement the following technique to repair and restore your stucco for longer life and enhanced aesthetics:

  1. Inspection- Before undergoing repair works, our specialists perform a thorough examination to determine the underlying causes of your stucco damage. We look for bulges due to stucco loosening, cracks that resulted from water seepage, and chipping caused due to weather changes or ground movement. Our experts remove the damaged stucco to ascertain its extent and severity. In this process, we also point out internal damages, including wooden lath, metal mesh, and insulation.
  2. Cleaning- It involves removing old and damaged stucco to expose the internal structures and getting rid of loose particles, dirt, rot, and rust. By gently hammering and chiselling loose stucco the surface becomes smooth and clean to perform repair patching.
  3. Matching- To achieve the best results, matching the mortar mix with the original one is necessary. For stucco repairs Queens, the mortar mix plays a crucial role in determining the texture, color, finish, and durability of the stucco.
  4. Repairing- Internal damages require fixing first. So we cut the rotten wood and replace it with a new ply with water-resistant sheathing. For mesh, nail galvanized metal mesh is used for additional water protection. We then apply the first coat of mortar mix with a trowel and hawk. To smoothen the surface, we use a screed. It is allowed to dry for 24 to 48 hours. Before applying the brown coat (second coat), a small amount of water and bonding agent is sprayed over the surface. It must match the thickness of the original coat. The final coat or the finish is to add texture, similar to the original stucco installation.

Thus, at Construction Repair NYC, we propose a holistic approach to deliver flawless results that are here to last longer!

Working with the Stucco Specialists

Construction Repair NYC is one of the top-most companies offering stucco replacement services Queens with more than a decade of experience in this line of industry. Apart from being a certified, licensed, and insured general contractor, we propose a warranty on all stucco jobs, including installation, repair, and replacement. This team of assorted craftsmen is committed to delivering services with utmost precision, dedication, and perseverance.

We are never in a rush to complete a project and shift to the next one! Rather, we work until our clients are exceedingly satisfied with the results. Perhaps, it is our expertise, experience, and allegiance that have earned us credibility and prominence. We hope to keep serving you with our ever-evolving solutions!

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