Building Violation Removal NYC – Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn

New York City is a crowded place with tall buildings and busy streets. The Department of Buildings (DOB) seeks to ensure the law and safety of the innumerable buildings and properties. The DOB has enforced some City’s Building Code among many other laws.

This is conducted mainly to maintain the condition of the buildings for the safety of the general public as well as the property or building owners. The city government fosters integrity and ensures that the properties are maintained well.

However, if a building or property does not set in compliance with the DOB regulations and provisions, then it is likely to draw a violation notice. The violation notice is public and is available in the Department’s Buildings Information System (BIS). The violation must be removed to procure a new or amended Certificate of Occupancy (CO). One cannot sell or refinance the property until the violation is active.

Building Violations Removal Bronx NYC

The building violation notice can be categorized into three depending upon the severity of the violation-

  • Class 1- immediately hazardous
  • Class 2- major hazardous
  • Class 3- less hazardous

All the violations have stipulated procedure to remove them. Penalty or ECB (Environmental Control Board) hearings are the two types of the violation removal process.

NYC building violations removal services Queens NY

A building with violation notice cannot be sold and refinanced. This is surely a big disadvantage. Also, until a violation is removed, the property or building owner remains worried and clueless.

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