Construction Repair NYC is a premium and one of the trusted Painting Contractors in New York areas. We offer our house painting services for both residential establishment and commercial companies, respectively. Regardless you are planning to hire a painting company Pelham Gardens, NYC for execution of your interior wall paint repair or for face-lifting of the walls by adding some inspirational color in its contour, Construction Repair NYC is the one stop solution for you!

Presently, Construction Repair NYC is being recognized as a creative professional painters Roslyn Harbor, NYC with complete ROI backing for the customers. As an expert Interior Painting Contractor Briarwood, NY, the company has maintained till date its track record of flawless project completion that can outshine all benchmarks set by other interior painting contractors NYC.

Versatile Service Range

Construction Repair NYC, the creative and knowledgeable Interior Painting Contractor NY, is capable to offer you wide varieties of house painting services like interior wall painting, cabinet painting, trim painting, ceiling painting, bathroom, and kitchen painting, etc. Also the company as a leading commercial Painting Contractors Brooklyn NYC offers services like garage painting and basement painting for helping all its clients to create homes that are like a dream comes true.  At Construction Repair NYC, we offer free site inspection and we procure quotation for the job you have proposed.

Value Added Services

As one of the customers friendly New York Interior Painter, we help you to prepare your house for comprehensive interior painting. This is done by

  • Completely covering the floors of your premise,
  • Moving and covering all your furniture,
  • Fill holes or mending cracks in the walls,
  • Offering complete repairing of drywall and finish,
  • Complete removal of wallpaper, and professional removal of window caulking, if any, so that like a pro interior painter NYC we can complete interior painting with total effect.

Why Construction Repair NYC?

Construction Repair NYC is not counted as a trusted NYC Painting Contractors without reason. The company undertakes a job and manages to get the interior painting done after due consultation with the property owners.

  • The company will confirm paint color and related painting details,
  • The company is pet-friendly and will accommodate all pets’ requirements so that interior painting frenzy does not annoy him/her
  • Best quality colors will be used for doing the interior repair job.
  • The open facility of asking about color selection.
  • A confirmation email that confirms everything before the painting job will be commenced.


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