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Why is Foundation Waterproofing Essential

Why is Foundation Waterproofing Essential?

Your building stands on a strong and stable base that bears the entire overhead load of the structure. It is called the foundation, which is the most crucial component of any masonry construction. Now, what happens if the foundation is weak and unstable? Obviously, the building might collapse anytime, leading to catastrophic consequences. It is threatening to the property and lives. 

However, in cities receiving maximum precipitation, like the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, and Westchester, foundation damage is prevalent. It is primarily due to excessive moisture. So, you need foundation waterproofing contractors Queens to protect your building’s foundation from water damage. 

As an elementary structural maintenance of a building or construction, foundation waterproofing is extensively crucial. If you do not know why, we are right here to discuss it in this post. So, continue reading and understand the significance of the procedure.

Foundation Waterproofing: What Is It? 

Foundation waterproofing is a combination of techniques applied to seal the walls and base of the foundation against water penetration. The waterproof coat or membrane acts as a barrier to water seepage, preventing your foundation from potential damage.

Foundation waterproofing companies employ multiple materials and methods to seal pores, cracks, and gaps that are ideal passageways for water to enter the internal layers. For buildings with basements, foundation waterproofing keeps the basements dry and improves their utility. 

Now, let’s come to the topic of discussion- why do you need to waterproof your foundation?

The Potential Benefits of Foundation Waterproofing

  1. Preserve Structural Integrity- The foundation of a construction is the primary component responsible for retaining the overall structural integrity. In other words, if you have a damaged foundation, the entire building is under severe threat. Since the foundation of the structure becomes weak, it is unstable and often loses its capacity to bear weight. What happens after that? Your building with a wobbly base may give up at any time, leading to sudden collapse. It not only damages the property but kills lives, too. Therefore, hiring foundation waterproofing contractors Queens is always the best thing you can do to protect your family and property.
  2. Prevent Molds and Mildew- Whenever you have a damp surface, it is evident molds and mildew will grow. These organic growths considerably damage the surface over time. Your foundation walls and floor will gradually decay, weakening the structure. Once again, the structural integrity comes to a threat! Also, molds and mildew contaminate the indoor air. You have an unhealthy living environment, especially if there is a basement.
  3. Keep Basements Dry- One of the major causes of a wet basement is the foundation. If your foundation is damp, your basement will be affected. Water will seep through the floor and walls, making your basement moist. A waterproof foundation company can help fix the problem by executing an extensive waterproofing procedure. You will have a healthy foundation and a dry basement as well.
  4. Prevent Diseases- As mentioned earlier, mold and mildew are prevalent in a damp place. They pollute the air, compromising its quality. Thus, you are exposed to lung and other infectious diseases like asthma, breathing ailments, etc. To prevent the spread of diseases, always waterproof the foundation. 
  5. Promote Longevity- A healthy foundation means a longer service life for your building. If the foundation is secured, you do not have to worry about major structural damages. Your building will stand tall for many decades!

To conclude, for effective and sustainable solutions, hire the best waterproofing foundation companies because, in any way, you cannot escape waterproofing!