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Commercial Masonry Contractor?

When Should You Hire a Commercial Masonry Contractor?

Commercial buildings are complicated constructions and differ from residential projects. It encompasses diverse aspects and the use of multiple masonry materials. Apart from brick, stone, concrete, and stucco, you can find wood and glass. Though these buildings are designed to last long, without proper maintenance, they deteriorate over time. It affects the aesthetics and compromises the safety of building occupants.

Unfortunately, most commercial buildings in the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, and Westchester are poorly maintained. So, if you spot buildings with dull and dirty facades or faded paint, it is not unnatural. A commercial building contractor Brooklyn often requires providing emergency repair services when a building exhibits diverse problems. 

You must understand that no commercial building can last forever despite using the highest-grade raw materials. Repair and restoration are essential to maximize its longevity and efficiency. So, when do you need repairs? In other words, how do you know when to hire a commercial masonry contractor?

Let’s make it easier for you. We have discussed the conditions demanding professional assistance. We hope it will help you in decision-making to promote a convenient work environment.

Challenges in Commercial Buildings 

Time again, you will need commercial building contractors to fix various masonry problems. Masonry structures are susceptible to damage that may lead to critical consequences when left untreated. So, what are the primary challenges faced by commercial buildings? Check them out.

  • Leaks- You may experience water intrusion through ceilings, walls, door and window joints. Leaks occur when there are cracks or gaps allowing water seepage. Sometimes, the condition may become so severe that it can result in flooding! How does it feel to work in such an environment? Disgusting! That explains all! It can even lead to short circuits, damaging electronic machines and equipment. So, you need to hire a commercial building contractor Brooklyn to promptly fix the leaks.
  • Visible Cracks- Have you noticed the long zigzag cracks on the walls? Or the vertical cracks above door and window openings? It is a common masonry damage, occurring due to temperature fluctuations, moisture exposure, and harsh weather conditions. However, the more you delay repairing the cracks, the more severe it gets! Cracks lead to leaks and also affect the building’s infrastructure. 
  • Mortar Damage- Not to deny, but mortar joints are the weakest parts of any masonry construction. They crumble and disintegrate due to natural weathering, freeze-thaw cycles, and moisture subjection. Nonetheless, commercial building repair contractors can address mortar damage effectively through repointing techniques.
  • Higher Energy Consumption- Often, one of the major causes of receiving higher electricity bills is an underlying issue. When your building does not have adequate insulation, your HVAC system has to bear extra load. It affects the machine’s functionality, resulting in more power consumption. So, it may not be your HVAC’s fault, but building damage is responsible for the condition. 
  • Dull and Decayed Facade- Undeniably, the facade of a commercial building plays a major role in fostering the first impression to clients and guests. A well-maintained building facade will attract guests and investors because it significantly exhibits brand value. How do you feel entering an office that looks shabby and dull? Definitely, not a positive vibe! Therefore, hire a commercial building contractor to repair and restore the facade.
  • Mold and Mildew- Lastly, if you have dampened walls, most likely, there will be mold and mildew growth. These are organic growths that appear in moist places. They leave ugly patches and contaminate the air. It means the air you breathe in is not healthy and may lead to allergies and infections.

Thus, you have several reasons to seek commercial building renovation contractors. The earlier you take action, the better the results.