Fire Escape Installation and Repair Services

The Highly-Skilled Fire Escape Specialists in New York City

Fire Escape servicesThe zigzag metal staircase outside a multi-storey building is the elemental route for escape during a fire break. Yes, we are talking of the fire escapes that are most rarely used, yet require adequate maintenance by fire escape contractors NYC. The code of building safety issued by the NYC government strictly proposes that every multi-storey building must have an accessible and functional fire escape.

As a fire safety code for any residential, commercial, or industrial building, there must be appropriate escape routes during emergencies, like fire, earthquake, etc. So, every property owner is responsible for undergoing a thorough fire escape service from time to time to ensure they are in proper working condition and is ready to use whenever necessary.

Sadly, a fire escape is perhaps the most ignored segment in building construction. Most often they are rusted, corroded, and unstable, making them too risky to use. The Fire Department in New York conducts inspections every five years to examine the condition of fire escapes for enhanced health and safety. You may receive a violation notice if your fire escape does not conform to the fire safety codes.

So, as one of the renowned fire escape contractors NYC, we at Construction Repair NYC propose exceptional services for fire escape installations and maintenance. Our specialized crew is equipped with advanced tools and equipment and exhaustive knowledge that has aided numerous property owners in delivering comprehensive fire escape solutions. Installation, repair, and remodelling; we execute all the services without limiting challenges!

We Keep Your Fire Escape Safe!

At Construction Repair NYC, our primary concern is to make every building in the City fire-safe. By this, we mean our experts offer extraordinary solutions on fire escape repairs and installation so that everyone inside a building feels safe and secure without having to worry about emergencies. We have specialists performing inspections to examine the condition of your fire escape and propose customized solutions to fix the damage.

So, how do we work?

  • Soon as you connect with us, our team schedule an appointment for a site visit. It is planned at your convenience since our team is always willing to maximize client support at every level.
  • Scrutinizing the site (fire escape) meticulously, the inspection specialist makes a report based on the findings. It includes all the damage concerns in your fire escape and whether they are repairable.
  • Once we get the report, we discuss with you the proposed solution and the estimated cost. Our team offers you the best deal within your budget.
  • Before beginning our fire escape service, we make a contract based on the project details, timeframe, and estimated expenses. It is upon your approval we proceed further.
  • Our experts reach your site and begin to work by cleaning your fire escape thoroughly. We do this to remove dirt, peeling paint, and rust. Scrubbing with a wire brush and then washing the fire escape with water and detergent comprise the entire cleaning process.
  • When refurbishing a fire escape, we always look out for loose bolts, unstable steps and platforms, and sharp edges. We mend them by welding before applying rust-inhibitive primer and enamel-based paint.
  • The fire escape is allowed to dry completely before we apply a second coat of paint.
  • And what about the mess? Do not worry, we won’t leave your premises until you are satisfied with the service and we clean up the mess we made!

Why Choose Construction Repair NYC

When there are numerous fire escape contractors in NYC, why should you choose us? Construction Repair NYC is one of the leading companies in the industry, delivering premium fire escape solutions for every need. We focus on your safety during any emergency event and thus put in our best efforts and dedication to accomplish the toughest challenges without delays, despite the complications.

Construction Repair NYC is a licensed and insured company where every crew member possesses adept skills and comprehension of the diverse aspects of fire escape remodeling NYC. We not only install new fire escapes but also offer comprehensive maintenance services to restore the old ones. Employing assorted craftsmen, we have retained our service quality and credibility through excellence and superior customer support.

We choose to be different because:

  1. To us, every project is important, no matter how big or small it is. We do not scale significance based on the complexity, size, or cost of a project.
  2. There are zero-pressure budgets. We never compel our clients to agree to our terms, including the project expenses.
  3. We believe in no-sale tactics. It is good work and reputation that keeps us in the good books.
  4. Professionalism and good business ethics are the principles we practice and employ in our work as well.

So, if you are convinced about our fire escape services, we hope to be working soon together!

If you find a high quality constructor for your project?

Note: The above offers are applicable only for projects above $10000.