ecb violation removal NYCThe New York City functions on a set of rules for the residents. The violation of these attracts the interference of the government. The most common form of violation related to property is ECB/OATH. This violation is issued by the Department of Buildings. However, there are several violation removal services in the Bronx city. Construction Repair NYC is an experienced team of capable professionals. We aid you in dealing with ECB violation removal Bronx. We have approved ECB expeditor Bronx. This means, you must be assured of the ease of the violation removal procedure.

What is ECB Violation?

ECB/OATH violation is issued by the Department of Buildings when a property is not in compliance with the New York City Construction Codes and or Zoning Resolution. The property owners have the responsibility to ensure their properties to be in a safe condition. They must abide by the city’s construction code. Failure results in violation. The most widely issued violation is by the Environmental Control Board (ECB) Notice of Violation. However, you need not have to worry as Construction Repair NYC has DOT, DOB expeditor. We have approved ECB architect in Queens, Bronx and Brooklyn.

What is the process in order to remove the ECB violations in Bronx?

The ECB violation comes in three statuses:

  • Class 1 (immediately hazardous)
  • Class 2 (major)
  • Class 3 (lesser)

The resolution to remove ECB violations depends on the class of the violation.

  • Cure- Zero Penalty: This is applicable mostly to Class 3 and some Class 2 violations. The violating condition must be corrected and certified in 40 days.
  • Stipulations: The Class 3 and selected Class 2 violation respondents can admit their guilt and receive extended compliance time of 75 days after first scheduled hearing.
  • Admit by Mail: This extends to all the respondents who must pay penalty to ECB on or before the hearing date.

However, as stated about the correction process for resolving ECB violations it includes:

  • The submission of an original Certificate of Correction (AEU2 Form) to the Department’s Administrative Enforcement Unit.
  • Submission must include a notarized statement and DOB invoice and supporting documentation as to when required.

How can Construction Repair NYC help to remove ECB violation NYC?

The Construction Repair NYC aids in assisting clients with property violation removal. Consult us immediately if you have received ECB violation. We provide a quote and the total estimation of your violation. Our professionals’ expertise in supervising the clients with the correct measures, for ECB violation removal Bronx NY. Our approved ECB expeditor Queens or architect deals with DOB and DOT. We even expertise in aiding you with small steps like legalization of the buildings or the apartments.

We, at Construction Repair NYC, understand your urgency for ECB violations remove Brooklyn. Our experts will resolve your violation in the best possible way. Construction Repair NYC is a reliable team of accomplished professionals.

  • Legally insured and licensed general contractor
  • Registered architects
  • Licensed engineers and plumbers
  • Experienced expediters of DOT and DOB

Hence, if you have received ECB violation Queens, you must contact us at the earliest. We assure you reliable violation removal strategy for your convenience. The Construction Repair NYC is your best possibility.