Water is the evil that can seep in minor to major cracks and can affect our personal property first cosmetically and then structurally. This makes waterproofing a complex yet efficiently crucial service that our homes or commercial areas routinely require. The waterproofing process requires a thorough methodology to ensure full protection from any seepage and leakage. Construction Repair NYC is a reliable name as a Waterproofing Service provider in Brooklyn. With meticulously trained professionals, we ensure the best in class service for various waterproofing services.

Waterproofing Company in Brooklyn

Waterproofing is a service that requires high expertise. Our specialized team takes care of the whole process from spot analysis to zeroing at the best waterproofing service for your precious space. Let us dive into some technical details about waterproofing to understand the process.

The process followed by #1 Waterproofing Contractors in Brooklyn

In civil engineering, waterproofing of the building is the process of creating an impervious barrier over various target surfaces of the building. For example, in basement waterproofing in Brooklyn, we create a waterproofing layer on the foundation and walls to prevent any degree of water penetration. This makes the basement water-resistant or waterproof. Conventional methods of waterproofing that we implement are:

  1. Cementitious Waterproofing Method- the most common waterproofing method which is effective in wet expanses like lavatories.
  2. Bituminous Coating or Membrane- this is also called asphalt coating or membrane. It is more flexible than the previous and especially effective for waterproofing of the building foundations.
  3. Liquid Waterproofing Membrane- this supple method of waterproofing depends on the degree and quality of the applied coating. It can effectively waterproof the walls.
  4. Polyurethane Membrane-this method of waterproofing protects surfaces exposed to weathering, but the affected surface must be flat for effective application.

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Services as Waterproofing Contractors in Brooklyn

Water seepage in the basement is a nightmare for homeowners. Small trickles can convert into big irrecoverable problems in no time. Some common factors that lead to water seepage in basements are:

  1. Improper soil or drainage system in the proximity of the basement.
  2. Ill-maintained gutters generally located nearby basements.
  3. Improper slopes
  4. Basement cracks
  5. Hydrostatic pressure due to water accumulation at the foundation of your home.

As a waterproofing services company in Brooklyn, we implement two techniques for Brooklyn basement waterproofing, namely the interior waterproofing and exterior waterproofing.

Other than providing services for personal homes, we also serve as Commercial Waterproofing contractors in Brooklyn for all waterproofing solutions of commercial estates. Our highly trained personals ensure strict deadlines for the initiation and completion of work to reduce any inconvenience caused in the process.

As a leading waterproofing service company, our commitment lies in delivering service of the highest possible quality at your doorstep.

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