Construction Repair NYC Is Commercial & Residential  Shingle Roof repair And  Flat Roof Replacement Company. We have been serving roofing services for nearly 20 years.
Construction Repair NYC Roofing work on all types of systems including shingles, metal, shakes, synthetics, and tile roofing systems. We specialize in Slate, Tile, Wood, Metal & Cooper roofing.No matter what style of residential roofing materials you choose, we’re committed to installing a high-quality roof that lasts. Construction Repair NYC Roofing offers products for both steep slope roofs, Shingle roof, Flat Roof, Slate Roof, Cold Roof and flat or low-slope roofs that will best fit your needRoofing Services Brooklyn NYCs.

In addition, we offer Roofing Repairs, Maintenance and Inspections. Call us for information regarding Tile Roof Repairs, Composition Roof Repairs, Flat/Low Slop Roof Repairs
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