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sidewalk crack repair

Damaged sidewalks and driveways detract the view from the appeal of a beautiful lawn or a house in the background. Uneven slabs of concrete can even be a tripping hazard or can even pose a danger to the visitors and the residents. Concrete slabs generally sink when the soil settles under them or cannot support them any longer. If the slab is left as it is without any repair, it will cause more damage only.

Construction Repair NYC understands that sidewalks and driveways are susceptible to many pressure and hazardous issues that create the foundation issues and need Sidewalk Maintenance in Brooklyn. We have helped innumerable homeowners across the city in repairing potentially dangerous cracks in their sidewalks or driveways that could cause sidewalk violation removal, thus leaving them safe with the results.

How do we carry out the Repairing Process?

Construction Repair NYC combines a trustworthy lift solution for the slab. This is one of the most economical and fastest solutions to lift a damaged slab and then replace it with a new one. Slab lifting also helps to strengthen the conditions of the soil that will hold the pieces strongly together. In most projects, failing slabs can be replaced or repaired in a day or two, posing no or little inconvenience to the clients. The following Process is carried out during Sidewalk Crack Repair in Brooklyn.

  • Holes are made with the help of a driller through the slabs to get access to the soil under them
  • Then, polyurethane foam is implanted into the holes
  • The foam hydraulically raises the damaged slabs back to the stable level

What are the Services Provided by Us?

The sidewalks installed by Construction Repair NYC are installed with a base of 4 inch stone and are compacted in nature. The concrete that is used in the installation is a strong 4500 PSI mix. Applications are accomplished in various ways like magnesium finish that make us one of the top Sidewalk Contractors in Brooklyn. The list of the services provided by us to our customers is stated as follows.

  • Flatwork or sidewalk
  • Installation and repair of Curbs
  • Loading of Docks
  • Interior concrete
  • Decorative concrete
  • Installation of parking Bumper
  • Sidewalk Violation Removal

Sidewalk Violation Removal

DOT monitors the sidewalks of New York City making sure that all of them are structurally sound. Inspectors from DOT visit every neighborhood and block those areas where injuries were reported to them. Then issue a violation notice to the homeowner against whom the complaint has been raised. The damages that may lead to the violations are collapsing sidewalks, hardware trips in the middle of a sidewalk, irregular areas, broken concrete, and many more. Brick Repair NYC has quite a good reputation in handling all the Sidewalk Violation Removal in Brooklyn NYC. We are one of the most dependable, skilled, and quick contractors for repairing and removing the violations from your shoulders.

Why Choose us as the Best Sidewalk Repair Contractor Brooklyn, NY?

Construction Repair NYC is dedicated to providing excellent Sidewalk Repair services in Brooklyn NY for a huge range of customers. The mission of our company is to be known for its long-lasting and exceeding customer relationships-nothing more or less. Offering high-quality service, the safety of the team, and on-time delivery are some of the principles of our core values.

For more than 10 years Construction Repair NYC has been the top sidewalk repair contractor in Brooklyn and has been offering stability to the homeowners. Below are some of the reasons to select the services of our company.

  • Lifetime warranties for particular projects
  • Has been serving more than 50 locations all over the New York City
  • Our team includes more than 100 experienced and well-skilled repair specialists
  • More than 60000 piles installed throughout the country since 2017

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