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Sidewalk Violation Removal: All You Need to Know

Sidewalk Violation Removal: All You Need to Know

According to the Department of Transportation (DOT), all the property owners in New York City are accountable for maintaining the sidewalks adjacent to their properties. It also conforms to the repair and installation of the same. So if you live anywhere in the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Westchester, or other places in the City, your yellow sidewalk must comply with the authority guidelines.

You may receive a sidewalk violation notice from DOT for the failure in doing so. In other words, as a preventive road safety measure, sidewalks are installed in almost every part of the City to ensure that pedestrians and cyclists can stay away from automobile traffic. It prevents road accidents and other significant hazards. However, for sidewalk violation removal Queens you require an understanding of the type of violations.

DOT Sidewalk Violations

The DOT inspects sidewalks in the City to ensure enhanced safety for pedestrians. As a property owner, you can receive a violation for the following cases:

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  • Uneven flags where there is more than a half-inch vertical gap.
  • Loose flags.
  • Cracked or broken flags.
  • Improper sloping prevents flags from flushing towards the curb.
  • Hardware that does not drive within half an inch of the surface.
  • Missing flags.
  • A proposed sidewalk was never built.

No matter what is the cause, an experienced sidewalk violation removal service can resolve the issue effortlessly.

Repair and Violation Removal

A sidewalk violation notice is never good news! There are obvious reasons to brood over it because nobody wants to get into the legal mess ever! You have 90 days to repair your sidewalk and remove the violation. So, how do you proceed with Queens sidewalk violation removal?

  • You require hiring a licensed and insured sidewalk repair contractor if you agree with the Notice of Violation.
  • Before proceeding with the repairs, obtain a permit from DOT to execute the necessary repair works.
  • Perform the required repairs using superior quality materials and the latest technologies for a durable result.
  • On completion of the job, submit all the documents to the DOT confirming the repair task.
  • The DOT inspector will visit the site for a thorough examination, ensuring there are no ambiguities.
  • DOT will remove a sidewalk violation NYC upon approval of the same.

Nonetheless, if you choose not to undergo the repair works, DOT may hire private contractors for the job. But, you cannot escape from paying the bill!

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If you are worried about the expenses of the repairs, let us tell you that it varies on the extent or severity of the damage. You must always ask your contractor to provide a detailed estimate.

Final Thoughts

There are many easy ways to remove sidewalk violations in NYC; you only require approaching the right contractor. A reputed and experienced contractor will make the entire process hassle-free and keep you out of legal action. Also, you can enjoy the enhanced curb appeal of your newly repaired yellow sidewalk!