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How to Stay Away With Sidewalk Violation In NYC

Sidewalks are one of the prime aspects of any property. They correctly add a finishing touch to the edges of a property. But like any other property, sidewalks are also subject to environmental degradation. They can crack or trip or collapse and ultimately become hazardous. Such battered sidewalks adjacent to a property can get a violation notice from the department of transportation (DOT).

The notice would say that your sidewalk has some defects and you need to repair it. You need not worry as there is no fine associated with the notice at all. It is more important for you if you are considering your property for reselling or refinancing purpose.

So, if you have got a notice of violation to repair the sidewalk, you need to follow few steps to do it within the time period that is 45 days after receiving the notification. Failure to not able to repair, you may have to follow the consequences as then DOT would hire a contractor and get your sidewalk repaired with the bill sent to your door.

Schedule An NYC Sidewalk Repair

Sidewalk safety is a crucial part of the DOT agency. After receiving the notice of violation, it is your responsibility to fix it with the help of NYC Sidewalk Repair company. The quickest way you can repair a sidewalk is by contacting an experienced contractor. They know the easiest and cost-effective way to deal with the violation in no time. And they also work according to the Industry codes and guidelines so that you don’t face any difficulties repairing it.

Request An NYC Sidewalk Reinspection Through The 311 Website

After you have fixed up a dilapidated sidewalk, it’s time to request a dismissal inspection through DOT to remove the violation officially. You can also go to 311 websites where you can fill a simple NYC sidewalk reinspection form for a quick reinspection onsite. For a reinspection, another officer visits you who was not involved in the first inspection when you received the notice. You would get mail regarding the arrival of the officer and the further results.

Get A Confirmation That Your NYC Sidewalk Is Up To Code

Once the reinspection gets over, a licensed NYC sidewalk repair expert inspects the sidewalk to confirm that is no more defect in any way. That’s how you can get rid of NYC sidewalk violation quickly and keep New York city safe.

Get That Help You Need From Our NYC Sidewalk Repair Expert

With licensed contractors and experts, you can quickly get away with sidewalk violation in no time. In New York City, your first choice should be Construction Repair NYC for Sidewalk Repair & Violation removal. Our expert team can work throughout the entire process to ensure hassle-free handling of any sidewalk violation removes in NYC.