DOB Violation Removal NYC
DOB Violation Removal NYC

While New York City is buzzing with large localities and tall buildings, the city government has some strict regulations imposed on the general public for the proper functioning and maintenance of law order.

The Department of Buildings has imposed some provisions which must be observed by the property owners. The violation of this results in attracting a DOB Violation Notice. You must remove DOB violations Bronx, NYC as soon as you can to avoid controversies and extra penalty.

DOB Violation Notice

A property owner receives a DOB violation notice from the Commissioner of the Department of Buildings when the property does not compliment with some provisions and regulations. The property owner must correct the violation as early as possible.

The violation is recorded in the Department’s Buildings Information System (BIS). This violation must be corrected before a new or amended Certificate of Occupancy can be procured.

The detail of DOB violation is available publicly on the property title search. While the violation is still open one cannot sell or refinance the property. Banks, mortgage and other titles review the BIS database for compliance.

DOB Violation Removal Queens, NY

The property owners must correct the violation which is recorded in the DOB listing. On the completion of the violation removal, the property owner must provide a document that will support as proof of the action.

There are mainly three types of violations:

  • The violations that are considered to be immediately hazardous and results in a penalty of up to $1,500 are considered Class 1 violations.
  • The major violations are the ones that fall under Class 2 violations.
  • The less hazardous violations come under Class 3 violations.

The NYC dob violation removal has dedicated procedure for the category of violation. There are many ways to handle the tickets received.

  • Firstly, one can consider the Notice of Violation for Cure Date, if any is provided. Then file a certificate of correction with supporting proofs. The penalty can reduce to some extent in this case.
  • Secondly, admit guilt and pay fine. The certificate of correction must be still filed.
  • Thirdly, one can present the case at the hearing.

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