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How A NYC Concrete Contractor Repairs Concrete Sidewalks

when NYC side walk repair contractors take up the job of carrying out major or minor repairs to the sidewalk, they need to deliver a good job in double quick time, so that the regulations are adhered to. But whatever the time or budget available, there a few minimum steps that need to be followed by every NYC concrete contractor.

First, the repair area must be clearly demarcated and marked out, so that other pedestrians do not violate the area and disturb the men at work. Then the existing sidewalk needs to be broken down. Hammers and saws are usually used for this work.

Once the old structure is completely broken down, the broken pieces of old concrete need to be collected and thrown away. Once you have the cleaned and dug out hollow where the earlier sidewalk once stood, you need to prepare the patch area.

Once the area is readied for application of the concrete, the load transfer is to be provided. In the meantime, the concrete needs to be ready using the correct proportion of cement, sand, stone chips and water, and some exterior waterproofing NYC if required.

After this, the concrete is placed at the prepared area, and then it is compacted as soon it has been laid in the vacant area. It has to be given the correct finish once the laying and compacting is completed.

Since a sidewalk is usually in an open area, the sun can make it dry more quickly than it is good for the concrete to gain its highest compressive strength. That is why great attention must be paid to the proper curing of the concrete sidewalk with water. This is generally achieved by placing wet gunny bags over the concrete and continuously wetting the gunny bag when it becomes dry.

Once the concrete has assumed its shape and has become completely dry after the requisite curing, it is time to saw the joints once more and use a good quality sealant to close the joints. That is the last step needed, and very soon the concrete sidewalk is ready to use.