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Easy Ways to Remove Sidewalk Violations in NYC

Easy Ways to Remove Sidewalk Violations in NYC

If you are a resident of New York City, then your life is already hectic. You do not have the necessary time to deal with the Department of Transportation or DOT violations and notice, stating that the sidewalk before your house has broken some rules. Thus you should have complete knowledge before that course of action takes place. You have to do sidewalk repairs in Brooklyn NY, adjacent to your property at your expense. The DOT issues the notices for the violation to remove the snow or repair the sidewalk. In case of any injury or an accident, the DOT inspectors will examine the entire area for any sidewalk defects. Different types of sidewalk defects include improper slopes, collapsed sidewalks, and other patchwork. Here is a quick glimpse into how you can do the Sidewalk Violation Removal in NYC.

Ways to Remove DOT Sidewalk Violations in the NYC

Here we have compiled a completely comprehensive list on how to remove the DOT sidewalk violations in NYC. It will also help you in getting the required job done with minimal inconvenience.

Hiring a Contractor

It is significant to hire one of the renowned contractors who include a comprehensive knowledge of all the DOT specifications. Go through different profiles and conduct detailed research before appointing a skilled contractor. Ensure that your contractor comes with a license issued by the consumer affairs department and comes with experience dealing with different sidewalk violations. Contractors will examine the required damage and will offer you any economic resolutions.

Secure the Necessary Permits

Do not involve in any construction unless there are all the required permissions. It can be quite a laborious task as you will need multiple permits for this purpose. If you are encountering this problem for the first time, a contractor with the required experience might help you get through with the process. You have to call 311 to acquire all the required permits for starting the construction work.

If Tree Roots are the Primary Problem

If tree roots are the primary cause of damage to the sidewalk, you should be careful with all the actions you have to take. You cannot strictly cut down the tree, or you might end up having costlier notice for the violations. Let one of the experienced contractors handle the situation meticulously, as in some cases, you will be eligible for repairing the Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR). You will not require any borne expenses of these cases.

Dismissal of the Inspection

Once all the construction is done and completed according to the DOT specification, you will be required to submit all the documents for the dismissal of the DOT inspection. Ensure to file them correctly and take some help from the contractor if you have any qualm regarding the form accuracy.

End Thoughts

After you have removed all the violations, the DOT inspector will re-inspect the property after the document submission. After the ultimate examination, you will get all the notifications regarding removal. In this way, your property will again become clean from all the allegations.