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DIY VS Professional Window Leak Repair: Making the Right Choice

DIY VS Professional Window Leak Repair: Making the Right Choice

How often have you tried your hands at fixing minor home improvement problems? Probably many times! Do you agree? But what about the window leak repair? Are you at a fix- hire a professional or simply do it yourself? It is indeed a satisfaction when we contemplate that we have addressed a critical problem. The sense of pride and confidence is inexpressible!

However, all home improvement tasks do not come in handy. Some are critical and require a trained and specialized person to do them. You cannot go testing your ingenuity around everything! For example, window leaks may seem harmless but can cause severe consequences. Thus, to fix leaking window, you have to combat certain challenges as the task isn’t as uncomplicated as you may think!

Therefore, stop browsing the DIY videos and acknowledge the practicality of the circumstance. We are sure by the end of the discussion, you will give up the idea of DIY window repair! Why? Keep reading.

Window Leak Repair: A Brief Guide

No wonder leaking windows are bothersome! In the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, and Westchester after inspecting the damage, window leak repair is performed in the following process:

  • Removal of Old Caulk- Water can leak from the top or bottom of the window frame. In both cases, the worn-out caulk is removed as it is no longer functional.
  • Sealing the Leak- If there is a leak in the frame; the damaged section is removed and replaced with a new one. For small cracks, a sealant is used to fill the cracks or gaps. 
  • Applying Caulk- When the sealant dries up, a new caulk is applied to ensure enhanced water protection.

However, for window lintel leaks, the repair is much more complicated. Since lintels are made of metal, brick, concrete, or timber, the repair techniques vary. Steel reinforcements and helical bars are used in concrete and brick lintels respectively. Resin injections are mostly implemented in metal and timber lintels. 

Why Hire a Professional?

We have many reasons to support our thoughts on hiring a professional instead of opting for DIY. Let’s check them out.

  1. Craftsmanship- The knowledge and skills of an expert are always superior to an amateur. When you approach a window leak repair company, be assured of the excellence in project execution and the results. The precision and perfection you receive is incomparable!
  2. Complexity- A trained specialist can effortlessly handle any project complexity without letting you worry about the consequences. No matter what the project requirements are, you can always trust the competency of the pros.
  3. Time- When we speak of a person possessing zero experience in carrying out a complex job like repairing window leaks, we cannot expect a prompt delivery of the project. Without the required skills, it is impossible to complete the task on time!
  4. Cost- A DIY may be more expensive than hiring an expert because you are unaware of the tools and materials required. You might end up buying things you do not need. Also, you can make mistakes that will enumerate higher window leak repair cost!
  5. Quality- Though you may have used the best-grade raw materials, you will still have to compromise on the quality of results! Your work will lack a seamless finish!
  6. Safety- A reliable professional is aware of the required safety precautions to undergo such a hazardous task. Wearing the ideal safety gear is mandatory to ensure optimal security.
  7. Warranty- Surely, you cannot provide a warranty on the quality and durability of the DIY project, unlike a professional contractor!

Hence, DIY sounds good only in videos! In reality, some things must be left only to the professionals!