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How To Repair Concrete Driveway Damage During Winter Season

Repairing should always be done before the arrival of the winter season as ice and snow will make restoration much worse. However, sometimes there is a need for repairing that requires being finished right in the middle of the winter. This is a huge challenge even for the best Residential contractor NYC. Even the best technologies and products do not set correctly in the icy weather conditions. If Sidewalk repairing in the winter season needs to be done and cannot be postponed till the summertime, then below are some things that your contractor needs to keep in mind to make it perfect.

● Use Antifreeze Products

Certain products in liquid form freeze during the winter season. Always ask your contractor services to use antifreeze solutions which are an additive that lowers the freezing point. This makes the product easy to install even in the winter season. But it would need special settings in case the product is applied outdoors and would require overnight for curing.

● Use Heating Blankets

A heating blanket is a great solution for construction work in the months of the winter season. The contractors can thaw snow and ice from the concrete surfaces with the help of heating blankets. This would help in preparing the surface for repairing and will also decrease the total time for curing. The blanket should be covered with the repairing area for more than 7 hours to prevent any drying, cracking or freezing.

● Application Of Temporary Fix

If the conditions are so bad that any repairs could not be done in any way, then you can apply a temporary fix just for the time being. This is only to make certain that the situation will remain under control until the temperature changes. This is also a temporary effective solution to protect against the harmful effects of ice, snow, and frost.

● Self Leveling Products

Self-leveling products are ideal for the winter season because it needs less water. This means unlike the regular concrete products, self-leveling ones will have a less chance of freezing. This heavy-duty product also has the advantage of an evening on its own.

● Pick The Best Day

Compare the temperatures of the next 10 days and pick the one that has the best weather. Always remember to put bright safety and warning signs and cones. This would alarm a person even from the distance if the problem is risky.

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