A new look and feel with Parapet Wall Repair in NY

Parapet Wall Repair in NY

Is the parapet wall of your house or office have started to show wet spots or water leakage? If our answer is yes, then the wall needs to be repaired or replaced all over again. Having 27 years of experience in the field, Construction Repair NYC is one of the most reputed Parapet Wall Contractors in NYC.  

All our staff are highly trained in all parapet wall repairing or reconstruction related works for residential and commercial buildings. Following professionalism and regulations of the law during Parapet Wall Repair in Queens NY are some of the instructions carried out by our team. 

How Do We Perform Parapet Wall Repairing or Rebuilding ?

All our repair work for the parapet wall is guaranteed for more than 12 years. You will find our home just like before after we have finished our work. We operate in the following way:

When a wall needs a good repair, we grind down the cracks and refill them with waterproof cement. If it is sealed with bricks in place of cement, we take out the pieces of the bricks and replace them with the new ones and we have done also while doing Parapet Wall Restoration in Bronx NY. We replace the brick with the matching color as the previous ones. If at all, we cannot find the exact ones, we find the closest match with the consent of the owner.

In case of remodeling, we remove the rubble and start building the parapet wall from just above the lintel of the window. We also install different types of stones inside the wall according to the requirement of the client. 

Why Choose Construction Repair NYC for Parapet Wall Repair NY?

Construction Repair NYC has a long record of success in the Parapet Wall Repair NY business. If you need the best contractor for parapet wall repair, rebuild or remodeling services in New York, we can help you with a proper on-site inspection and free estimation for the project.

We offer reliable, trustworthy and cost-effective solutions to all our clients. Apart from parapet wall repairing, we are also specialized in roofing, brick pointing, waterproofing, brick and stucco wall repairing, building remodeling and sidewalk repair related works.

So if you need an expert opinion on Parapet Walls Rebuilding in Brooklyn NY, then call us and tell us your problem. All our phone consultations are there for you! We believe in inspecting, diagnosing and treating the problems from the root.

We are offering a very good deal of 10% off if you start your project with us within 15 days from the day of the proposal. So contact us and we will take care of the rest of your parapet wall centered problems!


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