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Building Restoration and Repair Services in NYC

Let’s say you have a job to be done for your old house and are speaking to a construction agency for it. If you are not well versed in the language of construction (or if the agency is not a good one), then you will hear the words restoration, repair, and replacement used interchangeably. But it is important for you to understand that NYC sidewalk repair is different from what brownstone restoration contractors do, and both of these are in turn very different from landmark window replacement NYC.

Before we get to these 3 terms, it is also important to understand something that needs to be done to avoid all these. This is called maintenance. This is a routine work that is carried out on buildings at certain intervals. Maintenance work might also end with just inspection if nothing is observed that needs any attention. The more regular the maintenance efforts are, the lesser will be the need for extensive (and expensive) work at a later time. Let us now move to the three terms we wish to understand.

Restoration – When you need to return a building to its old state, it is called restoration. This work not only requires knowledge of construction technology but also an appreciation of the historical and social significance of the building being restored. The work needs to be done without changing the flavour and feel of the building, as also the physical features.

Repair – Taking forward the example of an old building, let us say that the exterior waterproofing NYC of the old building has worn away. When you carry out some work in order to correct that flaw, it is called repair. Repair can be warranted when it is identified during a regular maintenance drive, or it can be in response to some specific ad-hoc damage.

Replacement – Sometimes the damage in an old building is gone so far that the damaged area needs to be completely overhauled. The replacement could be for some parts of the exterior of the building, or it could be required on the interior. It is usually looked upon as the last resort when the repair would no longer work. The decision of whether to go in for repair or replacement should be taken keeping in mind the fact that a repair might be a cheaper and faster way, but sometimes multiple repairs can be avoided by carrying out a single replacement.