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Tools Required For Concrete Sidewalk Installation NYC

Concrete sidewalk installation in NYC is done on a regular basis. The concrete sidewalk way may differ in terms of color, shape, and could be formed in any size. But, before you begin the project of constructing a walkway, just take a thorough look around the other homes. This would give you an idea of what all things you can experiment with. You also need to use your imagination. You will also find colored concrete in the market which gives a beautiful finish to the walkway. There are the “cast on” products which offer a non-slippery surface, the super tough surface and the anti-spalling surface which helps in keeping the walkway from chipping because of winter salt.

Tools Needed For Building A Walkway

You need a number of tools for building the walkway. You need a sled, a hammer, a level and tripod and a string line, flat as well as pointed shovels, bolt cutter, safety glass, 2 edges, a fine broom, etc. The metallic sidewalk edging tool, steel trowel, and a V groove tool will also be required. Most of the masons prefer using magnesium float for giving the finish to the walkway before the application of the broom.

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