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Roofing services in New York

Unbridle your problems with the best roofing services in New York

Construction Repair NYC is a renowned company in New York known for all kinds of construction, renovation, repair, remodeling and other associated services. The company hires skilled and able contractors including roofing contractors of New York who can carry out any kind of repair work on the roof of a house.

Roof inspection Brooklyn is also another service provided by Construction Repair NYC. Our areas of service are extended up to all the places in New York. The preservation and maintenance of buildings need to be done properly and that is the only way by which the valuation of a building can be increased and hence the repair and renovation are required to be done regularly. Since Construction Repair NYC gives excellent services of roofing and shingle roofing is a specialty, let us see how it is done.

In accordance with the present weather conditions, using proper tools and hiring efficient contractors, it is possible to make a good roof installation with shingle. Shingle roofing in Brooklyn NY provided by our company is done with good quality shingle which would reliably last for fifteen to twenty years.

Preparation for applying shingle- If the roof has the prior installation of shingle which has become damaged, then it is important to carefully take them out and dispose of them. This should be done while starting from the top ridge and advancing downwards by carefully removing all old nails. Any kind of damaged and rotten wood shall also be removed.

Sheathing:- Prior to laying the shingles, the roof needs to e sheathed properly. For this, a single layer of roofing felt or tar paper has to be used and has to be rolled out across the roof. This protects the roof from moisture. Instead of laying the entire sheath at once, it’s better to lay them in rows with a little overlapping which prevents leaks.

Flashing:- As a part of shingle roof repair NY, thin sheets of flashes are placed where parts of the roof are joined, around vents, chimneys and any other obstructions. A drip edge is installed at the bottom edge of the roof which gives protection to the fascia and the wooden structure below.

Shingling:- This is the main part of the entire activity. Starting from the bottom of the roof, a single layer of shingle is laid leaving a clear inch from the edge of the roof. Before nailing, it is to be made sure that the sheets are placed in appropriate alignment.

Ridge caps:- After the successful laying of shingles, ridge caps are used to complete the ridge or top of the roof. Contractors usually work from the edge of the roof to the center.

If you are hiring contractors from Construction Repair NYC for shingle roofing in Brooklyn NY, then you will surely get fruitful results since we do our work with a lot of effort and the company wishes to serve all their clients with equal importance in the upcoming days. So, why to wait? Get connected as we are undoubtedly the best in the country!