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What Is The Difference Between Commercial And Industrial Construction

Construction is the process of constructing a home or an office building. There are two main types of construction-

1) Commercial

2) Residential construction.

  • Commercial Construction

Commercial construction is the building of any buildings for commercial purposes and it includes a large variety of projects like building restaurants, shopping centres, hospitals, private schools and universities, sports facilities, grocery stores, skyscrapers etc. We can say commercial construction is fundamentally constructing a building for commercial use. Keep in mind that industrial projects may or may not be a part of commercial projects. In addition to this, industrial construction deal with planning & undertaking electrical, civil or mechanical construction works for large, small and medium scale manufacturing units or industrial zones.

  • Industrial Construction

On the other hand, the termed “industrial construction,” is pretty interchangeable with “commercial construction.” Industrial Construction is a fairly small segment of the construction industry and these projects include manufacturing plants, power plants, refineries, solar wind farms, etc.  The design and development of retail chains, offices, restaurants, entertainment hubs and shopping centres also come under commercial projects.

For industrial construction, a site with good connectivity by air, road, and sea is important. While must be easy access for customers and parking space with other facilities are needed for commercial construction. Another differentiator for construction projects is the drainage, electricity and other infrastructure support. Industrial construction needs heavy loads of electricity to operate big machinery and commercial construction need a centralized air conditioning system.

Industrial construction companies hire specialized industrial contractor NYC. They produce tailored parts, assembly lines, etc. based on your project needs. The commercial construction companies employ modern design commercial contractor NY who may have to work with old-style contractors. Keep in mind only expert project planners of the well-known construction companies can face and tackle a number of challenges during project management stages.

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