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A Few Types of Repair Jobs

It is not always that every construction job brings out a completely new structure. Very often, the job of a contractor is a much more mundane repair job, which just seeks to correct some problem in a structure. An NYC concrete contractor would usually take up new construction work, but there are some contractors who are specialists in repairs and rehabilitation. Let us take a look at some common types of construction work involving repairs.

Buildings with brickwork facades really look good. They give the building a touch of class. But as they age, the look of these buildings deteriorate. The reasons could be natural wear and tear, or they could be because there is dirt, grime, paint, or broken mortar accumulated in the joints between the bricks.

For such situations, brick pointing NYC is done to restore the façade to its original look. The impurities are first removed from all the joints using pressure washing or other methods, and then a fresh mortar mix is prepared using cement, sand, and water.

Often we see that the structure of a building looks fine from a distance, but on closer inspection, we realize that the waterproofing quality of the structure has deteriorated. This results in water slowly seeping into the walls or roof of the building whenever it rains. This situation can be prevented by employing an exterior waterproofing NYC to correct any such flaws in the walls or roof. In order for proper waterproofing repairs to be done, the top layer of the structure is chipped off and a fresh mortar with some waterproofing additive is used.

Repairs are not necessarily needed only for buildings. Pavements and sidewalks are structures which take a lot of punishment during their lifetime, and therefore repairs are needed very often. Since sidewalks are in public places hence the debris also needs to be cleared on time. Not all contractors are certified to do this kind of works. Specialized contractors can be employed for sidewalk repairs Brooklyn NY.

All of the above jobs are for entirely different purposes. It is therefore quite unlikely that the same contracting company would be able to take up all such jobs. But the good thing is that you might not need all these services at the same time. If that does happen, then a better idea is to find one masonry contractor Brooklyn who is qualified, experienced, and certified to do all of the above jobs.