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Distinction Between Construction Manager and General Contractor Bronx NY

When you talk of any construction project, there are so many entities involved. There is the owner of the construction company Brooklyn NY, then there are the architects and all the masons and workmen under the masonry contractors NYC. After that come the construction managers and the general contractors. They would also have a team of specific experts who would be able to take care of foundations, brickwork, roofs etc.

In most construction companies, the team is led by the general contractor Bronx NY or the construction manager. Whatever the designation, both these positions refer to people on whom the owner of the company depends on to complete the project on time and within the budget allocated. Let us look at some differences between the construction manager and the general contractor Queens NY.

The general contractor in a project is the most important of the masonry contractors in NYC working on a particular project. He would be the entity speaking to the client regarding the milestones of the project, the final completion date, the amount to be paid, the frequency of payments and all other small and big aspects. All the other contractors working on that project would usually be sub-contractors hired by the general contractor, and wouldn’t have any kind of interaction with the client. Any kind of interaction with the client for any part of the work being done by a sub-contractor would be done by the general contractor.

A construction manager, on the other hand, would be charging a flat fee from the client, instead of the per-item fee structure that general contractors usually charge. A construction manager would usually be boarded by the owner long before the actual work had started. This would enable the manager to be aware of the pricing structure, and appoint subcontractors accordingly.

So which one should an owner of a construction company choose? There are two major differences. First, the construction manager is looked upon more as a team member by the owner, rather than a third party vendor. Also, the involvement of the construction manager begins much before construction begins. On the other hand, employing the services of a general contractor would mean that the contractor was much more in touch with the ground realities. He would be able to bring in much closer cooperation with the sub-contractors.

Having discussed both pros of cons of construction managers and general contractors, it is up to the owner to decide which suits a particular project more.