Flat Roofs NY


Construction Repair NYC offers comprehensive solution for installing, repair, maintenance of flat roof in both commercial and residential properties. The company has been recognized as one of the most versatile installing roofing service and roof repair service providers in New York City area. The company, as one of the flat roof contractors New York City, uses best roofing materials according to requirement and budget of the clients to offer endurance, longevity, and 100% ROI against his investment on stability and roofing.

Roofing Service and Roof Repair: A Versatile Profile

Proper and well built roofing is one of the biggest strengths of a property. Besides aesthetic beauty, proper maintained roof is the vital factor contributing to safety and endurance of a construction regardless it is used for commercial purpose or as a residential premise. Construction Repair NYC-team can visit your property and inspect the roofing condition on-demand; after on-site inspection the company as the distinctive Brooklyn NY Roofing Contractor offers solution for fixing the roof.

We at Construction Repair NYC offer complete roof solution including flat roof repair NY, flat roof fixing, and installation of new roof. Flat roof install NYC jobs are done as per local roofing law, so are the jobs to fix a roof NYC: the sole purpose of our roof fixing job is to keep our clients worry-free, litigation free, and if necessary they can get the insurance reimbursement in a hassle-free way.  Also we are one of the specialized Roofers in Brooklyn to refurbish, refix, and re-construct residential and commercial fat  roofs with optimum energy efficiency roofing solutions according to its unique condition so that it can last for next 10 years with a level of eco-friendliness.

Do You Need a New Roof? When to call Construction Repair NYC?

Inspecting a roof is a matter of expertise, but you can smell the problem if any of these conditions persists:

  • Obvious Leaking spots – you are experiencing water intrusion in the interior.
  • You are feeling spongy when you walking on the roof.
  • You can see cracks or unusual peeling away of roofing layers.
  • Unusual and frequent bubbling of surface.
  • You are experiencing moss growth on your roof.

We maintain a teal of installers and roof mechanics, who can work safely and they use all essential safety equipment including latest roof installation and repair tools and equipment. We are completely insurance-protected, so you are free from all risk of accidents if anything happens at your premise.


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