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Is It Possible to Repair Window Lintel Leaks

Is It Possible to Repair Window Lintel Leaks?

The structural significance of window lintels is not hidden from anyone. Apart from bearing the overhead load of the building, it helps in retaining the shape and position of the windows. As a critical component aiding the structural integrity of a building, failure of the lintels can cause havoc. And in the cities like the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, and Westchester, leaking window lintels are a prevalent issue. Many property owners face the irritating problem of water dripping from the lintels, damping the walls and flooding the interiors.

Do you know why lintel leaks are common in these cities? With extreme temperatures, fluctuating climate, and high precipitation, the lintels tend to crack, causing water penetration. But, the good news is window lintel leak repair Bronx is possible with early detection. The sooner you identify the problem, the better the chances of repair!

In short, the time you lose ignoring the damage will bring you close to window lintel replacement. Because once the damage gets severe, it is irrevocable. Leaks are repairable when you take prompt action!

Factors Causing Lintel Leaks

Lintels are commonly made of brick, concrete, steel, and timber (occasionally). Leaks can occur in any lintel, irrespective of the material. What causes the leaks?

  • Wear and Tear- Nothing can escape the natural process of erosion due to ageing. Material deterioration will take place eventually, leading to loose or missing particles, crumbling, etc. It creates crevices enabling easy water passage.
  • Cracks- An evident factor leading to lintel failure is cracks. They occur in the lintels and surrounding masonry. Continuous expansion and contraction due to temperature differences result in cracks. Also, too much moisture exposure is responsible for the same. Repair a cracked lintel immediately because they are the prime culprit behind a lintel failure.
  • Rusting and Rotting- Moisture is the primary source of most masonry problems. Corrosion in steel lintels leads to rusting, causing crumbling and disintegration. Similarly, in wooden lintels, rotting is a common cause of leaks.
  • Improper Installation- You cannot do anything about installation issues. Replacing a window lintel is the only way to fix it.

Repair Techniques

Based on the type of lintel you have, window lintel repair techniques vary. Check these out:

  1. Concrete Lintels- Concrete lintels are popular because of their sturdiness and longevity. However, they develop cracks over time, allowing water seepage into the interiors. It damages the walls affecting the steel reinforcement structure. If the metal structure starts corroding, the lintel may suddenly collapse. An expert can repair a concrete lintel by removing the damaged parts and reshaping it.
  2. Brick Lintels- Brick window lintel leak repair Bronx is performed by removing the selected portions and inserting helical bars across the entire length. Sometimes, the brick arch lintel may require positioning.
  3. Metal Lintels- Metals are highly prone to corrosion, and it is necessary to address the issue promptly to avoid replacement. Resin injection can repair minor cracks to restrict the damage. Nonetheless, critical conditions require replacement.
  4. Timber Lintels- Timber or wood is always at risk of rotting and pest infestation. Both of them are equally threatening. Using a steel rod or resin can restrict the damage if you are not willing to replace it completely.

To Conclude

Window lintel repair services are crucial for fixing leaks and preserving the structure from losing its strength and stability. Since lintels are a critical segment of construction, ignoring their maintenance will cost heavily. A damaged lintel is a threat to the property and lives. So, be aware of lintel leaks- treat them with care!