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What Are The Primary Causes Of Stucco Damage?

What Are The Primary Causes Of Stucco Damage?

Stucco is a prevalent wall and siding coating that is a mixture of fine Portland cement, lime, sand, and water. Due to its textured surface finish, it approves an ornate aesthetic appeal. Most property owners in the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, and Westchester prefer it on the exterior surfaces as it forms a dense and solid layer. But because of the high porosity of stucco, it has a higher moisture retention capacity.

For improper installation, ground movement, or water seepage, stucco is prone to several damage concerns like cracks in the yellow-painted stucco wall or mold growth. A licensed and skilled stucco repair contractor NYC can fix them promptly to cease the spread of damage. If you are encountering stucco failure, understand the principal cause of it for the ideal repair solution.

Stucco Damage: Primary Causes

Despite offering a versatile and classic look, stucco can give you some major headaches with time. Indeed it is a beautiful material that imparts stunning results in numerous colors! Nonetheless, similar to any construction material, it is susceptible to damage.

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To execute the ideal fix, you must consult a professional stucco repair contractor to determine the fundamental cause, which may be any or all of these:

  • Water or moisture is the chief culprit behind stucco failure. Surface moisture is prevalent in properties with landscapes and flower beds as they require sprinklers. Improper sprinkler installation and spraying water on the stucco walls instead of plants causes blistering and efflorescence in the long run. Also, the lack of gutters and downspouts causes rainwater to run down the building wall. It causes massive water damage, requiring prompt assistance from stucco repair companies NYC.
  • When there is subterranean stucco going beneath the ground, there are many chances of groundwater absorption. This is mainly the result of hydraulic pressure, where water travels from behind the stucco wall. A moisture barrier with sufficient drainage properties can prevent issues like efflorescence and blistering.
  • Cracks in the brilliantly painted stucco siding are primarily due to poor window or door installation. Missing caulking and the lack of proper flashing will result in cracks along the stucco siding over a period. A reputed stucco repair company can fix these cracks, utilizing premium products and the latest technologies to prevent further damage.
  • Wicking causes stains on the stucco surface. When the plaster of a stucco wall absorbs moisture, it leads to unpleasant stains because of contaminants. It also causes surface deterioration as the stucco becomes brittle.
  • Mold is common on damp surfaces, and stucco is not an exception! Inadequate waterproofing measures will allow moisture to seep into the deeper layers. It results in a wet stucco surface- a perfect environment for the growth of mold, mosses, and algae! Addressing the problem earliest can save you from the worst scenarios.

Since so many factors are responsible for stucco failure, it is always wise to hire the best stucco repair contractor for the most appropriate and sustainable fix!