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Pro Tips for Skylight Installation

Pro Tips for Skylight Installation

A skylight installation is a great idea for the dark corners of your house that do not receive much natural light. Alongside this, it enhances the aesthetic appeal of your property, offering much luxury and sophistication. Not to forget, you save a lot on your electricity bills! Since a skylight is installed directly on the roof, it provides around 30-35 per cent more light than a conventional window. So, you can escape switching on the regular lights during the daytime!

In big cities like Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, and Westchester, many homeowners prefer installing a skylight in the attic and bathrooms to let in extra light and add some warmth to the yellow-painted space. However, with diverse designs and structural conditions, approaching professional skylight installation services NYC is the best idea. It is a complex job requiring a lot of speculation and planning to avoid any consequential damage and leaks.

Expert Skylight Installation Tips

When you have decided to install a skylight in a dim and gloomy attic, you should contemplate some of the important considerations. It will aid you in landing the most suitable option at minimum expenses.

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So, here go the pro tips for skylight installation Brooklyn NY:

  • The type of roof (framing to be specific) affects the installation of a skylight to a great extent. Not all roofs can support a skylight. Also, if you have a too flat or steep roof, the type of skylight and its installation method varies. You can choose from flat or domed skylights. The former often blocks the view due to debris accumulation, while the latter allows the sliding down of the debris. As the latest skylights come with flashing kits, you do not have to worry about the roof slope.
  • During skylight installation New York, the location or placement of the same is immensely important. It determines the amount of heat and light the specific area will receive. The north-facing segment of your house is considered to be most ideal spot since it receives adequate sunlight throughout the year.
  • Just like painting your house in yellow color during the summer is considered favourable, installing a skylight during the sunny and calm summer is the best time. With lesser precipitation, the contractors find it a convenient time for skylight installation NYC.
  • You have two options to choose from- fixed and vented skylights. You cannot open a fixed skylight, but a vented skylight can be opened with a latch or handle. Vented skylights intend to circulate fresh air along with light. These are a preferred choice for small and stuffy spaces like an attic.
  • Skylights are available in glass and plastic. Glass skylights offer better clarity lasting for years. However, plastic skylights lose transparency and become discolored with time.

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Final Thoughts

Installing skylights offers several benefits when done in the right way! From improving the inflow of light and fresh air, it also boosts mood and spirit. Staring at the clear blue sky during winter months can drive away depression and gloominess. So, are you ready to get one?