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Sidewalk Damage Signs Requiring Professional Repairs

Sidewalk Damage Signs Requiring Professional Repairs

Sidewalks, at some point in time, will require repair jobs, undoubtedly. Whether you have a concrete or a brick sidewalk, it will gradually exhibit damage signs over a period. Apart from the heavy foot traffic, natural elements also play a significant role in causing damage to sidewalks. 

When sidewalks contribute to the integral component of traffic movement in cities like the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, and Westchester, you cannot ignore their maintenance. The maintenance begins with regular inspections and sidewalk repairs Brooklyn NY. Early actions can restrict damage severity exponentially.

In this blog, we have stated the primary signs of sidewalk damage that you can recognize and seek professional repair services. So, let’s begin.

Sidewalk Repairs: When Do You Need It?

Before we begin, let us tell you that whatever the damage concern is, always call a professional to fix it. Even if it may seem a minor problem and you can perform a DIY, never think of it! Chances are you will end up with costly mistakes that will do more harm than good. An expert knows the best practices that will meet your requirements. So, let them do their job!

Now, let’s focus on the damage signs on sidewalks.

  1. Cracks- Undoubtedly, cracks are most often the fundamental damage concern! Superficial hairline or long, deep cracks, may appear sooner or later. It impacts the aesthetic appeal as well as can damage the underneath layers when the problem aggravates. To fix sidewalk cracks, consult a reliable and reputed general contractor promptly. Don’t leave them untreated!
  2. Holes or Depressions- Holes of any size are hazardous. They pose tripping threats to strollers, bicyclists, bikers, and wheelchairs. During heavy rainfall, these depressions get waterlogged, causing minor to severe accidents. Apart from being unsightly, they are menaces influencing daily lives.
  3. Crumbling Concrete or Mortar- Your brick or concrete sidewalk is prone to weathering and erosion apart from foot traffic abrasion. These result in the crumbling of concrete slab or mortar joints. It is an inevitable phenomenon affecting the structural integrity of the sidewalk. The problem is minor when it is till surface deterioration. But, if portions of the sidewalk start to crumble, it is a critical situation. You need immediate sidewalk repairs Brooklyn NY! 
  4. Damaged Curbs- The curb is the step where a sidewalk meets the roadbed. It promotes a seamless finish to your sidewalk. However, the curb edges may become eroded or decayed, leading to significant tripping hazards. Sometimes, the reinforced steel projects out, which can be life-threatening. It is even scary to think about that! Therefore, repair a damaged curb whenever you spot one!
  5. Bowing or Heaving- Did you ever notice a buckled or heaved sidewalk? Maybe often! It is caused primarily due to fluctuating temperatures. Continuous freeze-thaw cycles contract and expand sidewalk materials simultaneously. The stress leads to the heaving or bowing of sidewalks. Nonetheless, sidewalk repair contractors can effectively fix them.
  6. Tree Roots- Tree roots can cause havoc to sidewalks! The long roots penetrate deep into the soil, often lifting it. It lifts up the sidewalk as well. Smaller trees may seem harmless, but you must be cautious. Often, they spread deeper and wider under the soil than they seem from above. Track such vegetation growth. 

To Sum Up

If you want to skip sidewalk replacement cost, then look out for the early signs of damage. Prompt actions can restrict damage severity, which may turn out irrevocable. So, act while you can! Timely repair is always favorable!