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Sidewalk Repair Strategies

Sidewalk Repair Strategies

The maintenance of sidewalks running along the front of the houses is mostly conducted by the homeowners. Regular maintenance includes snow removal, cleaning leaves and debris, and minor repair works. So, if you have a sidewalk in front of your property, you are solely responsible for keeping it safe. You will be held accountable for any accidents occurring due to sidewalk damage.

A well-maintained sidewalk not only ensures safety to the pedestrians and neighbours but also enhances the aesthetics of the neighbourhood. Sidewalk repair is mandatory if there are cracks, holes, broken edges, and uneven sloping as these can lead to tripping and other major hazards.

Though sidewalks are made up of tough and durable materials like concrete, stone, and tiles, they are vulnerable to damages due to the most common causes- heavyweight, ground movement, repeated freeze-thaw cycles and so on. Thus it is obvious; your sidewalk persistently undergoes a lot of stress leading to its deterioration.

The Popular Sidewalk Repair Methods

It is not the best idea to wait till you receive a violation notice from DOT for a damaged sidewalk! A violation notice implies a legal proclamation from the government that is always better to avoid. You even might end up with a higher sidewalk repair cost if the extent of the damage is acute and demands replacement!

Therefore, the earlier you detect damage and fix it, the easier the process is. Nonetheless, it is always the extent and type of defilement that determines the repair process.

The popular methods employed in sidewalk repair are:

  • If a sidewalk has a small hairline crack then a patchwork will do the job. Such cracks must be filled with sealant to avoid water seepage in the soil below. Unfortunately, this technique does not apply if the crack is wider than half an inch. It indicates a major problem as the sidewalk becomes unstable. A section of the sidewalk requires replacement for a precise and sustainable fix.
  • When a sidewalk faces problems like peeling or crumbling edges, sidewalk repair contractors generally do not go for complete replacement. The damaged section is repaired by using concrete patch material. This is a simple and hassle-free method that can contribute excellent results- smooth levelling and clean edges.
  • It is easy to identify weak spots in a concrete sidewalk. These are the spots where the concrete is more likely to crack over time. In such cases, the weak spots are cut and removed and fresh concrete mix is poured. This process improves the stability of the sidewalk while saving it from undergoing further deterioration.
  • In old sidewalks that speak of the uneven surface and sloping, the best solution is to replace the entire sidewalk. Because in no time, it will face other major damages!


In most cases, the sidewalk repair work demands professional assistance for the most ideal solutions. It is not a DIY thing that will assure you the best results- you have to consult the experts for this!