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Signs Your Home Needs Exterior Waterproofing

Signs Your Home Needs Exterior Waterproofing

Waterproofing has long been a priority for homeowners. When your home is properly waterproofed, you increase your chances of surviving if a natural disaster strikes. Many signs suggest it may be time to have your home’s exterior walls, ceiling, and foundation carefully waterproofed by a professional company.

Waterproofing prevents mold growth and the mold caused by condensation on windows, which can lead to serious health risks for you and your family. At Construction Repair NYC, we offer exterior waterproofing NYC services to help you protect your home from future damage.

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Waterproofing also prevents damage to your roof, gutter, and gutters. If a rainstorm happens, the water does not enter your house’s interior spaces, such as the attic or crawl space. These areas are very important to have waterproofed because all this water can lead to damaged, moldy insulation and leaks into the walls, which can cause severe health problems and cost you a lot of money.

When To Hire Exterior Waterproofing Contractors?

Puddles on the Basement Floor:

If you have wall-to-wall carpeted floors in your basement and notice puddles of water collecting on the basement floor periodically, this is a potential sign that the waterproofing is not working properly. This is because the water moving along the exterior waterproofing NYC allows it to escape.

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If there are no water leaks, then the basement should be free of this problem, but if there is a leak in the exterior foundation waterproofing system, it will not be able to control the water. You need to have your waterproofing inspected by a company like us that specializes in waterproofing NYC so that you know the waterproofing is not working properly.

Water Stains on the Walls:

Water stains on the walls can signify that the exterior waterproofing experts NYC system needs to be replaced. These stains are typically caused by water seeping through the wall. If you see them, this indicates that you need to have your waterproofing inspected by a professional company like us at Construction Repair NYC.

Water Stains on the Ceiling:

Finding water stains on ceilings can be difficult because they usually go unnoticed. This is why it is so important to repair water damage immediately as soon as you discover it. If you have water stains on the ceiling, it is a good sign of improper waterproofing. Water stains can go unnoticed for decades, so getting them repaired early on is important. You must evaluate exterior foundation waterproofing cost before hiring these professionals.


If your windows are starting to fog up from condensation, this is a sign that your waterproofing needs replacing or is not properly working. The reason for this is that the waterproofing cannot withstand excess moisture. You need to hire one of the best professional exterior waterproofing companies NYC, like us, to inspect your windows, walls, and ceilings for proper waterproofing.

Leaking around the cornice:

If you notice a leak around the cornice of your home and it is causing water damage around all your interior areas, this is a sign that your waterproofing system is not working properly. This is because water can get into the wall from this leak.

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Moisture in the Attic:

If you have ceiling insulation and it is starting to get damp in the attic, it indicates that your attic is becoming moist from water from leaky windows or other sources in the room. We offer a full-service ceiling repair service at Construction Repair NYC so we can fix any leaks quickly.

Get Exterior Waterproofing At Construction Repair NYC

We offer waterproofing NYC services to help prevent damage to your exterior walls, floors, and ceilings. Our team of experts is highly trained in this area, and we can provide you with fast and reliable waterproofing services 24/7. Our waterproofing NYC services are comprehensive. We can quickly conduct a complete inspection for water-related damage and then direct you to the many areas where repair is needed.