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The Signs That You Need Brick Pointing Services

Centuries ago, when we first started building permanent structures, pastes of calcium compounds with water and lime (another calcium compound) were used to bind masonry components together. Masonry referred to the correctly shaped or broken stones, or the red colored bricks that were made by shaping clay and then burning them in a kiln. Masonry, consisting of either stones or bricks, was bound together using this paste (or mortar). These well-constructed masonry structures would easily last without trouble for 50 to 100 years. When a masonry structure reaches that age, it would usually begin showing signs of wear and tear.

But the thing with masonry structures is that it doesn’t suddenly disintegrate, break down and collapse. It slowly weathers away over days and weeks and months. An experienced General Contractor Queens NY would be able to make out by sight if there is anything wrong with the brickwork. They have spent years working on and repairing every kind of masonry structure and so would be able to call out a weak structure immediately. Just like there are contractor sidewalk contractors Bronx NY specializing in sidewalk repair and construction, similarly, for brick pointing Brooklyn, there are specialized masonry and brickwork contractors who have the experience and skill to understand the status of masonry work done several years ago.

But if you do not have the services of a brick pointing contractor on hand immediately, then you should be able to tell for yourself the signs of deteriorated masonry. Here are a few telltale signs that should tell you that the brick pointing on your masonry structure is in need of attention:

  1. If you see your mortar peeling off in small pieces or dropping away in powder form, it is not a good sign. It means that the mortar has become loosened from the bricks to which it was conjoined.
  2. If you see cracks in the mortar between two bricks, it means that at some point the stress on the structure has exceeded the stress-bearing capacity of the mortar which was holding the two bricks together.
  3. Long years of use often makes the mortar faded or discolored. If you see some stretches having a paler shade than the mortar in other parts of the wall or structure, then you can either have a repointing done or go in for a complete overhaul.

When you are able to recognize these tell-tale signs, you should get a professional brick pointing contractor NYC for your structure.