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Tips for Effective Retaining Wall Repair and Maintenance

Tips for Effective Retaining Wall Repair and Maintenance

For properties constructed on sloped or terraced areas, retaining walls have become a requisite structure to combat erosion and gravity. Precisely, they prevent the massive movement of the soil- often a common cause of landslides and property destruction. These architectural elements also possess aesthetic value as they enhance your yard or outdoor space. Despite the sturdiness and durability of retaining walls, they are susceptible to damage. However, timely retaining wall repair can prevent its sudden downfall. 

Generally, winters in the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, and Westchester are frostbiting, and if you have an impaired retaining wall, it will lead to severe consequences. Chilly weather can cause cracks in the stone or concrete blocks of the retaining walls. It may not occur immediately, but gradually the structure weakens and collapses. So, retaining wall restoration is crucial before the cold spell sets in! Repair and maintenance are effective ways to restore a retaining wall. 

We have brought to you the popular tips for restoring the repairing walls. Let’s get started!

Repairing a Retaining Wall

The repair of a retaining wall may sound like child’s play, but it is a highly labor-intensive job. Only professional retaining wall repair contractors are trained and licensed to perform such tedious tasks, requiring substantial comprehension and expertise.

Coming to the repair job, check out what goes on in the process:

  • Inspection- Recognizing the type and extent of damage will aid you in the ideal fix. Thus, the site is meticulously inspected to single out the damaged section.
  • Preparation- To perform any repair task, you must prepare the site properly to access the damage and keep the site free from hindrances. It begins by removing the damaged stone or concrete blocks and storing them aside. The backfill material is dug out and kept aside for reuse.
  • Repair- After clearing the site, retaining wall repair is done by refilling the base with crushed stone and gravel. It stabilizes the foundation and promotes strength in the structure. The wall is rebuilt while ensuring adequate drainage prospects. 
  • Finishing- After construction, the backfill is poured and compacted to ensure no loose material. Adding capstones is optional.

Repairing the retaining wall in the early stages of damage can save you from replacing the entire structure. It is also more cost-effective.

Maintenance Tips

The efficient functionality and longevity of the retaining wall do not end with a repair job. Maintaining it regularly is of utmost necessity to preserve its structural integrity. You can also skip invasive retaining wall replacement.

We have shared some significant tips for maintaining the retaining wall. Here it goes:

  1. Remove Unwanted Growths- Keep your retaining wall free from weeds and plant growth. The roots can penetrate the structure and form cracks, weakening its soundness.
  2. Skip Using Eroding Materials- Cleaning agents may often contain harsh chemicals resulting in erosion. Since stones and concrete blocks are porous, these corroding materials can reach the inner layers, degrading the structure.
  3. Clean Drainage Pipe- Most retaining walls have a drainage pipe installed at the bottom. It prevents water from pooling around the base. So, you must keep the pipe free from debris to ensure adequate drainage and avoid flooding.
  4. Inspect the Soil- Movement or settling of the ground can cause shifting or sudden collapse of the retaining wall. The cost of retaining wall replacement goes higher in such structural damages. Inspecting the soil can help in recognizing the sign of ground movement.
  5. Conduct Professional Inspections- It is sagacious to undergo professional inspections periodically to ascertain the condition of your retaining wall.

As a critical construction component, do not let the retaining wall cause havoc. Seek professional assistance whenever required.