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Tips For Fixing Leaks In The Concrete Wall

Being a home owner is no doubt pleasurable but your home is bound to give you some scares once in a while. You might suddenly find water gushing out through holes in the concrete after a heavy rainfall for instance. While you may try to make amends by adding a sealant, you need to get in touch with the top construction company Brooklyn NY at the earliest in order to make lasting repairs.

Sadly, you might remain oblivious to the leaks that may have occurred below the ground level, most importantly right in the foundation wall. Do not simply try to turn a blind eye to the problems that may force you to spend a good amount on repairs suddenly. Instead, take the help of quality concrete contractors New York and get the problem sources plugged once and for all.

The Cause

The best construction contractors Queens, NY will not be able to work properly unless the reinforcing rods are installed into the walls firmly. However, these very rods that strengthen the foundation can turn to be the culprit as they are removed gently after the construction is complete leaving gaping holes behind. The building also develops cracks and fissures in the concrete over time. Sure, not all of them are big enough to warrant instant attention, yet even the tiny crevices can act as an entry point of water causing leaks.

The Solution

Haring a constant drip of water is likely to get on your nerves. You just cannot figure out the source and try any sort of DIY solutions. Well, no one is doubting your ability but why should you waste precious time when the best technician will be available to attend to the issue? Ask for a superior mason and you will be gratified to find him inspect the entire building thoroughly including the gutters, downspouts as well as the wall both below and above the grade for tell tale indication of water accumulation or entry. A ground that has filled up will be sloped gently so that water can run down while the professional will also make certain to install additional gutters and clean the existing ones in order to prevent backups.

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