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Top 10 Must Questions To Ask A Masonry Contractor

So you are looking to hire a professional mason for brick or stonework or looking for roofing contractor NYC? If yes then here are some key questions you must ask a potential masonry contractor:

1. Do You Have Any Certificates Related To Mason?

Ensure any potential contractor you are going to hire is certified and be needed to hold a general contractor license.

2. Can You Show Me Proof Of Insurance?

Keep in mind that concrete contractors New York who is insured is very vital to avoid any unforeseen disasters during he is working. So, ask him to show his proof when it comes to insurance because it is easy for anyone to lie about their insurance.

3. Do You Have Experience In Brick And Stoneworking?

Masons have specialties like many other professions. Not every mason can work with natural stone.

4. Are You Experienced In Cutting And Laying Patterns For Masonry?

It is possible that you have something special in your mind and want to fit different sorts of stone or brick together.

5. When The Work Will Be Completed?

It’s good to have a tentative plan in place! It could take longer than originally thought but you will know approximately how long your work may last.

6. What Do We Need To Do To Prepare Our Home For Stone Or Brickwork?

Remember some masons professionals want you to do some preparation work prior to they can start the job. If you need to make any preparation, then go for it. Keep communication very clear and to facilitate the fast completion of your project.

7. Do You Have Other Client References?

Must at a look at their past clients work to find out their level of satisfaction with the work. Find out whether the mason completed the job on time or not

8. Who Will Buy Masonry Materials?

Must discuss with the masonry contractors Brooklyn whether he will buy the masonry materials needed for the project or it is your responsibility to buy the material. You must consider that sometimes you will be able to procure the materials yourself at cheaper prices than the contractor.

9. What Will Be The Payment Schedule?

For most of the homeowners, budget and payment are the key aspects of the whole home project. Thus, discuss the terms of payment at the beginning with the contractor as every professional has different expectations when it comes to work payment. Maybe some contractors ask for 50% the cost of up-front cost to cover the cost of the material while rest payment would have to be paid after the work is done. Never do the full payment in the starting but once you are satisfied with the work.

10. Will You Clean After The Project Is Done?

Unless you want to stuck with cleaning after the mason has done his job and left, you must put it in the contract that cleaning work after the completion of the project will be the responsibility of the contractor.