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Top Tips for Masonry Maintenance

Top Tips for Masonry Maintenance

Masonry materials like brick, stone, and concrete are incredibly resilient. It means the buildings constructed by masonry contractors NYC are long-lasting, and many of them are still standing upright for centuries! However, it comes only with proper maintenance. We mean, if you want your building to live for more than decades, you must focus on appropriate upkeep. 

It starts with contacting the local masonry contractors for inspection and repair. Yes, this one small step can lead to a considerable impact! While many of us forget about building maintenance once the construction is over, it is one of the costliest mistakes, causing havoc.    

While most buildings in the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, and Westchester are intricate work of masonry contractors NYC disposing of craftsmanship excellence, they require adequate maintenance for safe and healthy living. 

So, how to maintain a masonry structure? We have shared the top tips for proper building upkeep. Nonetheless, let’s quickly check why masonry maintenance is essential. 

Why Do You Need Masonry Maintenance?

Finding a masonry contractor often becomes challenging if you have to undergo a complicated replacement job. So, masonry maintenance becomes essential because:

  • To identify structural issues during the early stages.
  • To restrict the severity of damage.
  • To safeguard the building’s structural integrity
  • To repair the damage promptly.
  • To extend the longevity of the masonry structure.
  • To promote a safer and healthier living condition.
  • To avoid expensive and irrevocable damage.
  • To enhance aesthetic appeal.
  • To increase property value.

So, timely hiring of masonry contractors NYC as a part of maintenance is substantially crucial for uncountable reasons!

Tips to Maintain Your Masonry Structure

Check out the top masonry maintenance tips for stress-free living:

  1. Regular Inspection- When you spot the early signs of damage, you can avoid expensive repairs. Therefore, watch out for masonry problems like dampness, corrosion, fading or peeling paint, crumbling mortar, cracked or missing bricks, spalling, bowing or bulging walls, organic growth, mold, mildew, and efflorescence.
  2. Power Washing- Contact a licensed masonry contractor if you have dirt, grime, mold, organic growth, or efflorescence on the external surfaces. Power washing with a water jet and mild detergent helps to remove these unwanted elements that damage the masonry surface over time. Also, you get a clean and tidy appearance, boosting the aesthetics of your property.
  3. Apply Sealant- To restrict water seepage through small cracks and openings, apply sealants like polyurethane foam, etc. These sealants act as a barrier against water infiltration, which is one of the fundamental causes of structural damage. Also, a sealant is resistant to oil stains.
  4. Brick Repointing- Did you ever notice crumbling or loosening mortar joints? You need to call masonry repair contractors to fix these deteriorating joints. Mortar joints are the weakest spots in any masonry construction. They are susceptible to weather and water damage. Disintegrating joints indicate a weakened structure, which gradually affects the integrity. So, as a part of maintenance, repointing is necessary to replace degraded mortar with fresh one. It imparts structural strength and stability.
  5. Clean Weep Holes- The tiny holes placed throughout a masonry structure are known as weep holes. These periodic holes help in draining water and promote ventilation. Often, the weep holes get clogged due to dirt accumulation or plant growth. It causes flooding and increased air moisture. So, call masonry contractors NYC to unclog the weep holes whenever necessary. You can prevent water buildup. 
  6. Remove Vegetation Growth- Plant roots are pretty destructive to masonry, causing cracks and weakening mortar joints. Though climbing ivy may look enchanting, it’s for the better good you get rid of it!

Some simple maintenance steps can offer long-term results, so why ignore them?