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What Repairs Can Boost The Life Of Your Commercial Building

What Repairs Can Boost The Life Of Your Commercial Building?

Commercial buildings are a centre of trade and commerce. Nonetheless, they are even more susceptible to damage than residential buildings because of the heavy foot traffic, abrasion and extensive corrosion.

Thus preventive maintenance including commercial building repair is indispensable to extend the serviceable life and avoid accidental failure due to seismic events or other architectural reasons. Alongside, building repair works also aid in providing a safer work environment and prevent potential risks to neighbouring properties. In big cities like Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, and Westchester when commercial buildings form the core of economic development, regular maintenance and repair of same is a prerequisite.

Causes of Commercial Building Damage

There are numerous primary sources responsible for building decay and fading yellow paint.

  • Ageing
  • Climate changes like extreme temperatures, etc.
  • Catastrophic weather conditions like severe storms, snowfall, etc.
  • Dust and pollution
  • Moisture retention
  • Heavy foot traffic
  • Abrasions
  • Waterproofing failure
  • Faulty construction
  • Improper roofing
  • Low-grade raw materials
  • Fire breakout
  • Structural impairment

Therefore, building damage is inevitable and irrevocable! You will require commercial building repair services from a licensed professional to boost your building’s life.

The Fundamental Repair Methods

Whether the interior or exterior walls, the roof, the floor, or even the basement, you may notice apparent signs of damage like cracks, leaks, holes, damp patches, pooling water, or peeling yellow paint with advancing ages. It reduces the service life of commercial buildings, contributing to unsafe workplace conditions.

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Commercial building repair contractors execute effective rehabilitation techniques to restore the functionality and sustainability of business construction. These are:

  • Small cracks and leaks on walls or floors are sealed using concrete mortar or injecting epoxy and polyurethane foam after removing loose materials from the surface. It is one of the most effective ways to prevent water seepage and protect the inner layers from severe defilement.
  • Flat or low-slope roofs whether made up of metal, shingles, rubber, bitumen, concrete, or other roofing materials experience maximum damage for their height and persistent exposure to heat, light, wind, and adverse weather conditions. So, blisters or bubbles, holes, pooling water, missing or damaged shingles, shrinkage, and improper caulking are extensively prevalent. Draining out excess water, removing blisters, and filling in holes with cement or mortar are the basic roof repair techniques. Also, applying a coat of roofing membrane acts as a weatherproof shield bestowing additional strength and stability.
  • Waterproofing the basement is a significant stride for commercial building foundation repair. Poor drainage, clogged gutters, hydrostatic pressure, cracks, and improper slope are the primary causes of a damp basement. It considerably affects the stability and integrity of the building foundation weakening the structure altogether. Interior and exterior waterproofing techniques like sealing cracks and holes, coating the walls with waterproof sealants, installing a sump pump, directing gutters and downspouts away from the foundation, and so on.

To conclude, repairing commercial buildings is necessary not only to give structures a facelift but restore their functionality and extend their lifespan. The earlier you call your commercial contractor, the better your chances of saving expenses!