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Why Is Window Lintel And Sill Important For Building Construction

Why Is Window Lintel And Sill Important For Building Construction?

While the construction of a building, whether residential or commercial, window lintel and sill remains one of the most crucial segments. We cannot imagine a room without windows! Can we? But the installation of windows demands much architectural planning and precision. The perfect structural definiteness comes with thoughtful implementation of the lintel and sill.

A masonry contractor has expertise in defining the shape, structure, form, and size of a window according to the requirement of the client. Every window in a building, no matter its location, must have lintel and sill. The window lintels and sill are the basic components in the construction of a window structure. Creating a hollow space through a concrete or wooden wall requires adequate skills and knowledge. So, if you are planning to construct a building, always hire a renowned masonry contractor.

Since much has been said about window lintels and sill, let us understand these structures in detail and their function in building construction.

Window Lintel and Sill   

How do you think the windows are placed between the gaps in the walls? While constructing windows and doors too, a beam is positioned across the openings for aiding support from the above. This beam is known as a lintel. Similarly, a flat shelf-like ledge is placed at the bottom of the window which is known as a sill. The function of the window sill is to maintain the position of the window and keep rainwater away from the wall.

Window trim and sill are present in every type of window constructed from diverse materials. The trim of a window is the mouldings that cover the head and jambs of the window. It is generally the decorative part of a window that enhances the curb appeal.

There is a diverse range of materials used in the construction of lintels and sills. Steel and stone are the most popular variety of components implemented in the installation of window lintels. Stone lintels are considered more durable than steel as they are less prone to water and weather damage. The choice of material clearly depends on individual preferences.

Significance of Window Lintel and Sill

As already mentioned above about the functions of lintel and sill, their importance in the construction process is evident. You cannot install a window without its supporting head and base! It is as simple as that!

Mentioned below are the importance of window lintel and sill:

  • The window lintel provides support to the load or structure above the window. Since a window is an opening in a wall, there is a concentrated load above. The horizontal beam or lintel helps in bearing the pressure.
  • It helps to maintain the structure and position of the window.
  • A window sill aids in the protection of the wall below a window
  • The sill also provides support to the vertical structures of the window opening.

Thereafter, whether lintel or window trim and sill, you cannot overlook their significance in the construction process.